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Start making more money for your business or offset costs of your privately owned boat.

  • We Bring the Boaters

    Getmyboat is the world’s largest boat rental and water experience marketplace. We’ll bring the boaters and adventure seekers by the thousands and you can leave the marketing and transaction details to us.

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    Creating a boat or water experience listing is completely free. You set your own price and keep more of your earnings with the lowest booking fees in the industry. The 8.5% service fee covers management of the platform, 24/7 customer service, identity checks, fraud protection and marketing services.

Listing your boat is quick and easy

  1. Add a description, photos, boat specs and pricing to your profile.

  2. Interested travellers will contact you directly.

  3. Make an offer including availability, price and trip details.

  4. Quick online payments with built in fraud protection straight to your bank account.

What People Are Saying

  • KojonuOwner

    Best app for boat charter. I am a charterer and a boat captain. This is the best app out there hands down when you were looking to rent or charter a boat very easy to use very convenient!! it is the best. I have been using this app for nearly 3 years never have I had a problem.

  • ShannonBoater

    This is a fantastic approach. I could not travel with a boat and be as ready for the water as is possible with I now look at what's available before planning trips. I get a boat, that's ready when I am, and a local contact, without the hassle of dragging a boat around.

  • Charles


    Thank you Getmyboat for giving me an organization like yours to work with that can take my passion and turn it into a paycheck!!

  • James


    Love this app, I rent all my boats out here and highly recommend it over the competitors who price gouge on their booking fees. Getmyboat is very fair and I appreciate that!

Is Getmyboat right for my service offerings?
If you are looking to generate additional bookings for your rental business or you’d like to generate income to cover the costs of boat ownership, then Getmyboat is right for you. We enable boat rentals of all shapes and size, from Kayak to Catamaran, Scuba to Superyacht. Our ethos is to encourage the growth of the marine industry organically and connect the boating community to the largest audience possible.
How much money can I make?
Getmyboat allows you to make an almost unlimited amount of money for your rentals. You are able to set the pricing and manage your own rental schedule for your listings. The income is directly related to how much you want to put into it! We just make it easy.
How do I get paid?
Payouts are issued once you confirm the trip was successfully completed and advise us of any changes needed to the payment amount. Find out more about payments and payouts.
What if a renter damages my boat?
On the rare occasion that this occurs, your insurance company should provide coverage for the rental but many times they do not. Getmyboat recommends our Lloyds of London partner BCI for your coverage to ensure you are fully covered for the entirety of your boat's usage.

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